A canvas hanging on a wall, a stained glass window or designing and hand making costumes brings such versatility and diversity, it offers an adventure, peaking interest to everyone on every level. Having an unlimited imagination makes all creations unique and attainable and I totally enjoy the time I spend being focused and zoned in on every project that I am asked to produce. Back in Barbados where I grew up, I attended art classes during my early school days. This was the foundation for these creative basics. The encouragement that was given to me from teachers, led me to believe that they saw a talent which I possessed. I believed in my capabilities which were and are as limitless as the sand in the ocean. The sky being the limit, throughout my life, I grasped at whatever creative opportunities came my way and today I truly enjoy the luxury of being able to create or re-create a picture, a story or a decorative piece which enables others to see and appreciate life in a magnified and unique way.
Being a self-taught artist through art books and videos, and observing artists, I have learned a variety of tips and strategies. I then utilize this information and incorporate them into my own individual style. Through the years, I have done sketches in pencil, pastel chalks, and charcoal. Painting a mural on my daughters' walls brought happiness to them and when we had to move it became the focal point for the sale of that house. In more recent times I have been focusing on Acrylics on Canvas, be it a linen canvas or a wooden panel. Primarily the subject of the painting usually determines the approach I take and the platform I use. The use of Acrylics, and utilizing various textures and media, is a passion I have which and in turn offers great enjoyment to the recipient. At times, I can easily produce a vibrant and detailed work of art to boggle the mind of even the most meticulous artist. The spectrum of creativity is widely varied and my inspiration comes from my surroundings, life experiences and from people whose lives I have touched. Sometimes just taking a moment to stop and look at nature in a different way enhances my appreciation for life in general with a sense of uniqueness.
I have found that Spiritual inspirations are the easiest to convey on canvas, as the mental effort needed seems to come naturally. As an inspiration is bestowed upon me, I seclude myself as much as I can and create a zone where I am fully focused on my work at hand. I spend as long as is necessary to get familiar with the topic of my inspiration. It could be a few days to a couple of weeks that I research the topic, depending on the intensity or detail of the topic at hand. This for me, is the groundwork of producing a meaningful work of art. The canvas and I become one where I can feel like I am a part of the subject I am painting. The energy I put into my paintings, is the result of the compelling urge within me to create and express a feeling or emotion, or an awareness, and how it can affect others in a positive way upon viewing it.
I see myself over the next few years, having a manageable studio, where I will be painting for both private homes and corporate establishments. I intend to keep learning and possibly take a formal course in fine arts. I enjoy being able to share my knowledge, and to guide others on building on their own creative skills, through private lessons, in order that, they too, can obtain a sense of fulfillment through art. This to me, is almost as fulfilling as doing the work myself. As they carry it throughout their lives. My intention is to touch the hearts and minds of everyone through my world of art, in whatever medium I am guided to work with. In life I Think Big, work diligently, and I take a positive approach. The outcome is always stunning.