Ecosystem Awareness


The eco system depends so heavily on the ocean and the beauty it contains. This whole other amazing world has inspired me to bring awareness through my paintings.
Special Thank you Judy Driscoll and Jim Driscoll for giving me their permission to share wonderful ocean-scape pictures which they took during their diving experiences.

Guys, You are part of such beauty that needs to be protected. We all need to do our part in recycling and keeping our environment clean. This affects the ocean and all life which lives in it. Every little thing that everyone can do to conserve energy and keep your environment clean, is a contribution to keeping the sea and all its life clean, healthy and alive. We all want fresh drinking water......think about where it comes from... we all love a Tropical holiday and swimming in the clear blue waters of ...especially the Caribbean. The 3 R's begin at home. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.